Best Small Business Idea – Overwhelm – Get It Out of Your Head

If you are like most businesses owners, you’ve experienced overwhelm in your business at one time or another. Maybe you experience it regularly and for good reason. Hundreds of things are pulling at you at one time. You’ve got marketing going, production to oversee, calls to return, employees that need your advice. It’s never ending right? How do you possibly handle it all?

Most of the small business owners that I talk to keep almost all of these things in their head. I ask them where their business plan is. It’s in their head. I ask where their employee training manual is. It’s in their head. About the only thing that’s written down is their calendar of appointments. Even a lot of their to-dos are in their head. Here’s one simple and powerful way to get out of overwhelm–write it all down.

Your overwhelm is in your head because most of how you run your business is in your head. Start writing it down and you will start having less overwhelm. Start taking a little time each day to document your business processes. Make a list today of the processes that you haven’t recorded. Cover marketing, production, training, accounting, etc.

Then take one of these areas and document it in detail this week. Each week, for the next few weeks document another area. Within a fairly short period of time, you should have at least the basics of marketing procedures, production procedures, client follow up procedures, and employee training procedures in place. In other words, you’ve now got business processes. Processes that you can rely on. Processes you don’t have to think about. Processes that you will use to grow your business without all that overwhelm now that it’s not all in your head.

Stock Music in Modern Multimedia

The use of stock music in modern multimedia productions has many inherent advantages. These distinctive advantages include the use of such music avoids copyright violations, allows for a musical score without hiring studio musicians and saves time composing an original score for any multimedia production. These are examples in which using music or stock footage, can be done to save time, money and resources that are desperately needed for multimedia projects with smaller budgets.

The usage of stock footage and music libraries has become more popular, as the digital era has given birth to a whole new generation of independent multimedia production companies. The need for music that can be used in multimedia, videos and movies is a rapidly growing industry. Since the home editing capabilities in technology has given birth to a global revolution, so that individuals can create high quality production values with personal computers.

For many independent producers of multimedia, it is very important to avoid any form of copyright violation or infringement. Copyright violations are becoming all too common, but they can be avoided by using music that is produced for stock usage. Often music that is deemed as for stock usage will be royalty and copyright free. Almost any such music is being made available very cheaply, plus it usually is studio quality and should be usable for any multimedia project as is.

Most independent productions do not have the budgets to hire studio musicians and record a professional soundtrack. This is the sad truth of most smaller level productions and multimedia projects. In general terms, nothing is more expensive than having to hire a full band or orchestra to record in the studio. The soundtrack for any multimedia project can become a nightmare of expenses, but it does not have to. Using music that is premade for stock film editing is one easy solution and will be much less expensive.

Another expensive and time consuming element can be scoring of a soundtrack. This means more than just studio time with musicians, because usually enlists the talents of a composer and whatever is needed to create a fully original score. This can be costly, but mostly it will take a large amount of time and will have to be done in various stages. Hiring someone to actually score an original soundtrack guarantees that it is rightfully yours, but such exclusive usage is generally a waste of money for smaller multimedia projects.

These three considerations can each be eliminated, by using music that is produced for the purposes of stock usage in film, video and multimedia productions. If there are any costs or royalties associated with the usage of such music, it will be minimal compared to the above listed options. Music used from stock libraries is made to be usable in a variety of mediums these, including modern multimedia productions. Other relative types of creative media are using stock footage and music in video games, website design, mobile webpages and a various multimedia marketing campaigns.

Mercer University School of Medicine – Preparing Healthcare Professionals For Underserved Areas

Mercer University School of Medicine was founded in the year 1982 at Macon in Central Georgia. The school has the special aim of providing excellent medical education to its students to help them serve the people living in rural and underserved areas of the state. With a total of 350 students enrolled with it, the school offers excellent learning environment for the enrollees. Here are some important things that can help you decide your career path with this reputed school of medicine.

Courses Offered

Following are the important degree programs offered by the Mercer University School of Medicine:

o Doctor of Medicine

o Master of Family Services

o Master of Public Health

o Master of Family Therapy

o Master of Science in Anesthesia

The four year curriculum is carefully designed to offer comprehensive knowledge to the students enrolled in the MD program. While first two years deal with teaching basic sciences and interdisciplinary subjects, the last two years are meant for clinical clerkships at various recommended hospitals. The students are also required to participate in serving the communities throughout the state.


The Mercer University School of Medicine is fully accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and the by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The anesthesia program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs and the family therapy program by the by the Commission on Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Student Life

The students taking admission in one of the courses offered by the college are facilitated to have a good life. On-campus housing assistance is offered and interested students are also guided to have off-campus accommodations. Food services, university center and medical insurance facilities are additionally offered to the students. Personal counseling is provided to the medical students to guide them on their career path.

Costs and Admission

Basic premedical science courses are required as main eligibility condition for admission. Only the legal students from Georgia are allowed to get admission in the college. Financial assistance is available for the students. One can learn about annual tuition fees and other charges form the official website of the college.

Opportunities for Obtaining a Culinary Education

Everyone eats food and loves when something tastes delicious. Professionals in the culinary industry strive to create this reaction by making foods and desserts. Many concepts and skills go into this industry and students can learn to master them by first completing educational training programs offered by vocational colleges.

The opportunities for obtaining a culinary education can have students completing training from the certificate to doctorate’s degree level. However, training inside vocational colleges is offered at the certificate and associates degree level. Students can complete programs and enter the culinary industry and become pastry chefs, food preparation workers, restaurant managers and more. Students learn to work with food in a variety of ways depending on their areas of interest. Many career-oriented skills are earned within training that can be applied to the field and further education.

Pastry arts and restaurant management are two popular vocational training options. Programs give students an essential introduction in regards to baking and management practices. Students that want to be more involved in the tasks associated with cooking food should turn their attention to pastry arts programs. Many positions can be entered when student’s work through the required coursework involved in programs. Training focuses on establishing the knowledge to produce cakes, breads, pastries, and other dessert related foods. Students graduate understanding how to properly use the industry’s techniques for baking, which includes cake decorating, mixing dough, tempering chocolate, and more.

Starting education at the associate’s degree level gives students a broad knowledge of the pastry arts side of the industry along with a solid mixture of general education courses. Students receive a high-level of hands-on training learning how to make batters, read recipes, and utilize baking tools. Through specific coursework students are able to enter the field ready to assist head chefs as bakers, pastry cooks, and more. Training incorporates many topics, which can include:

  • Sugar Art
  • Bakeshop Preparation
  • Food Safety

Programs are dedicated to developing strong baking skills. Students that want to utilize training and enter leadership careers can enter restaurant management.

Programs in restaurant management give students the basic skills to become entry-level managers. Training give students a wide set of skills that includes understanding baking and cooking concepts. Coursework focuses on the preparation of food and the management of employees and businesses. Students can expect to take courses that include:

  • Event Planning
  • Artistic Presentation
  • Cooking Basics

This demanding career is best suited for individuals that have worked through training programs. By learning the culinary and business side to restaurant management students will be ready to begin careers inside this fast paced industry.

By working through programs offered by vocational colleges students complete a vital first step in obtaining a culinary education. Students will develop their skills after they gain real-world experience. Students will have greater mobility in the field if they continue their education at the bachelor’s degree level and beyond. Begin learning about how to prepare food and manage the industry by researching accredited vocational colleges and the programs they have to offer. Full accreditation is proof that a quality education will be obtained. Agencies like the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission ( can accredited the best culinary education programs.

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Hood River Real Estate Broker Uses Green Model

Supporting green business is a mantra in Hood River, OR. Hood River was voted one of the best places to live by Outside Magazine and citizens and business owners alike have a reputation for thinking outside of the box. Business owner Maui Meyer is a prime example of belief system driving lifestyle. Meyer found Hood River in 1985 as part of the Windsurfing World Tour. He immediately fell in love with the area, and returned to live full time in 1991, after graduating from Cornell University, in Ithaca New York. “Hood River had a strong draw, and it literally came down to making a choice about love of a place over making money” says Meyer, “It was a good decision”.

In 1991, Meyer opened the Sixth Street Bistro, and a few years later, with additional partners, began a construction company, Nisei, then Copper West, Oregon Growers and Shippers, and most recently, Celilo Restaurant. “Each of the businesses focus on a small part of a successful small scale economy based on the Conservation model” says Meyer, “Copper West isn’t about Real Estate Sales as much as it’s about being a trusted negotiator, and local ‘expert-advisor’ to the process”.

Each of Meyers’ businesses has a strong commitment to the environment and living green. Sixth Street and Celilo restaurants boast local ingredients-fresh local mushrooms, organic vegetables, beef, wild fish and local wine and beer. Each dish is a tribute to the region and its spectacular bounty.

The hope is that the product speaks for itself, “When we’re selling homes, we’re selling the area, the lifestyle, the gift of living in such spectacular surroundings, ” says Meyer, “When we’re creating a meal, we’re providing a rich experience of local food and wine prepared by Ben Stenn, our award-winning chef/owner”.

The Yasui building where Meyer runs Copper West Properties and Celilo restaurant are also considerate of green building requirements and efforts are made to use recycled materials for flooring and other building attributes.

Meyer is also using business blogs as a way to communicate and educate his customers with information about working together to support green business practices. Copper West Insider,

is a blog dedicated to the unique aspects of buying real estate and living green in Hood River and the Columbia Gorge. Blog postings focus on everything from how to buy in Hood River to considerations for living in the area, a recent posting, “The Half Gallon Problem” discusses the change of living in the city and having a market on every corner to living in the country and shopping once or twice a week in town, helping a potential real estate investor understand the unique challenges of country living. Being eco-conscious is becoming more prevalent in business development. Meyer hopes it’s a trend that will continue to grow.

Keeping Connected With Loved Ones Using Satellite Internet

When living in a more rural or remote locations, it can often be difficult to remain in contact with your loved ones that live in other parts of the world. Cellular phone signals can be spotty. Internet connections may be slow. And seeing family and friends in person can be a costly endeavor. However, with a reliable and high speed internet connection in your own home, you can remain in better contact with your family and friends from across the country and all over the world. With satellite internet, you no longer have to deal with the slow speeds of dial-up internet.

In urban areas, the infrastructure necessary for high speed internet connections such as cable and DSL are already in place, due to the dense population. It is profitable for the internet service providers to invest in such infrastructure; thus, residents of cities are able to easily connect to high speed internet in their own homes. However, in rural areas, because the population is so sparse and so spread out, it is mostly unprofitable for the internet providers to establish the infrastructure. The amount of people that would subscribe to the service might not be enough to cover the costs of investment and construction. Thus, for the most part, people living in remote locations have had to rely on the slower speeds of dial-up internet.

With satellite internet, it uses the signals received from the satellites orbiting the earth and thus, does not require the same infrastructure that cable and DSL requires. Remote and rural areas can now utilize this satellite internet technology to access a high speed internet that lets them more easily use the internet to remain in touch with their families and friends around the country and world. Whereas previously with dial-up internet, the slow speeds prevented you from fully enjoying the internet as you had to selectively load the pages, now you can easily load each page quickly and thus, rely more heavily on the internet. Thus, emailing your old college roommate is much simpler. Browsing through photos of your newborn nephew living across the country has been made easy.

With the high speed internet connection that satellite internet provides you, you can even video chat with family and friends from all over the world. Instead of having your long conversations with sisters, brothers, and parents on the phone and paying expensive long distance calls, you can simply interact with them face-to-face through a web cam without charge! Thus, you get a much more intimate experience catching up with your loved ones while paying significantly less! Also, with high speed internet, you can rely on the wealth of information provided by the worldwide web for research, work or school. You can also find many forms of entertainment on the entertainment, as streaming videos, movies, and television shows on services such as NetFlix has never been easier. Simply having a reliable, high speed internet connection in your home will enable you to access all the conveniences of the worldwide web, making your lives that much easier.

Pile On The Learning, Easy On The Technology

Much has been written about the technology of training. The story is often the same: companies are chomping at the bit for the opportunity to exercise the latest and greatest training technologies in an effort to reduce costs and reach employees effectively.

The trend is understandable. Technology has made training much more convenient, and essential for global enterprises that need to train employees across the world. Instead of big travel budgets to bring employees to the home office or training center, companies are reducing the bottom line by using technology to push training out into regional offices.

But are employees better trained as a result of this technology boom? With companies fast abandoning traditional instructor lead training in favor of tech-based training, it is increasingly important to ensure technology remains the training messenger and does not become the message.

Regardless of whether a training system is a high-ticket technological wonder, or simply a bound, paper manual, the quality of training results should be the same. All training methods should:

•Accelerate the productivity of new and existing employees.
•Accelerate the identification of poor performers.
•Provide the structure required to use existing resources and implementation tools efficiently.
•Create “across the board” accountability for training results, from top management to every new hire.
•Enhance the ability of the trainer/supervisor to provide effective training.

Technology can enable such results, but it can’t assure they’ve been achieved. Technology can provide a platform for imparting knowledge, but it can’t distinguish between theory and practice.
Technology can be used to measure quantitative retention, but it can’t evaluate qualitative application. Such assurances, distinctions, and evaluations can only be provided by people.

Thus the question technology can’t answer: are employees actually learning from technology based training programs? When the training is complete, are employees able to demonstrate comprehension and application of their knowledge in real-world situations, removed from the classroom and pointed questions?

Training vs. Learning

In typical training scenarios the trainer does 80% of the work, and while participants may be able to pass a final written or computer test, they have only a 10-30% retention rate and in many cases are not expected to demonstrate application-based knowledge.

By contrast, in performance-based learning environments where participants are expected to discuss, explain and demonstrate application, participants perform 80% of the work, resulting in a retention rate of 50-80% of the knowledge.

The moral? Even million-dollar Internet delivery systems can be ineffective unless three basic, decidedly non-technical cornerstones are established for all training programs. First, there must be an effective human intervention strategy. Second, accountability for results must be established. Third, there must be an instructional design that empowers trainees to take ownership of their learning. With these simple foundations in place, every company can experience superior learning results with the help of technology.

Human Intervention Strategy
A performance-based learning environment must have an effective Human Intervention Strategy to mold and monitor the learning experience. Such a strategy is the foundation of an effective training program.

In order to keep the knowledge relevant and applicable, company-wide stakeholders must forge specific, relevant learning objectives out of the training fire and builds in comprehension and application from a knowledge-based platform.

Creating an implementation strategy allows managers to decide what resources or technologies are appropriate to achieve prescribed training goals and philosophies. By determining the phases of the training, the competency goals for each phase, and the characteristics of the training audience, decisions can be made about:

•Appropriate methods for the delivery of the training.
•What resources are needed, and in what form are they needed to be effective – paper based or interactive media, for example.
•Whether to build or buy the required resources.
•Whether internal or external resources will be utilized, based on needed expertise.

As a result, managers can better negotiate purchases of technology-based training programs and avoid spending money on features that bring little or no value to the established learning objectives.

Establishing Accountability

It’s been said of training that the real genius is not in building the materials; it’s in getting them used. Each year, companies waste money on resources that are either not used, or are used improperly. If the answer to an effective training infrastructure rests with the implementation strategy, then the answer to the issue of implementation is accountability. Lack of accountability in a training program will sink even the most expensive systems.

Trainees have a responsibility to be prepared and willing to be trained. But the ultimate success or failure of a training program depends on management’s commitment to own the outcome.
That kind of accountability can be assured by establishing a platform upon which the learning is orchestrated.

A Learning Platform

Establishing a learning platform requires identifying standards by which results are measured, then providing a “roadmap” that empowers the learner to achieve those standards. It is a process of incremental measurement which enables everyone with a stake in the training and its outcome
- trainee, trainer and management – to be aware and responsible. And it allows the following questions to be answered definitively:

•Has the trainee learned what needed to be learned?
•Was the trainer actively involved in the learning?
•Was management aware of the quality of learning delivered?

Keeping the Messenger in Place

Technology can play an essential role in monitoring and tracking activities required by the performance system. But technology can become a crutch if we let it. If we rely on technology to do all the work, we’ll almost certainly have reduced training costs and perhaps increased training test scores. But will employees be able to discuss, explain, and most importantly, apply the knowledge they’ve learned once they leave the training room?

Corporate training programs may be well served by technological advances. For that reason, it is increasingly important to keep technology in check. By first establishing a clear implementation strategy and by setting in place a performance system with clearly defined roles of accountability, any training program can experience a dramatic increase in efficiency and effectiveness, and will ensure the money spent on technology returns the investment.

Loan For A Good Education – Student Loans

Student loans are helpful tools to fund education these days. The cost of being educated is not a laughing matter because a degree comes with a huge price tag that can empty one’s pockets. With every problem that comes along, man makes a solution for it. Student loans are one of the solutions to fund for education and increase the literacy rate.

In applying for a student loan, on must meet the criteria for eligibility. Criteria for eligibility depend on the company and what kind of student the applicant is (whether for undergraduate or graduate study. A credit limit should be met and the applicant must be working towards earning the degree. Student loans eventually become handy as these help a struggling person cope with everyday life particularly during the college years. In college, a student is likely away from his family and going through the everyday rigors cannot be depended on another person.

Not only will you have to pay your tuition but also you have to pay for food, lodging, power and water. It is best to properly allocate the money you will receive from a student loan. Avoid unnecessary expenses such as partying too hard, buying expensive clothing or maxing out your credit card. Remember that a student load will give you a fair chance to survive college life on your own without the need to call your parents for help.

Here are some facts and tips about student loans:

  • The major student loan companies in the US normally have operations in all of the big schools. You can access their services by contacting the local financial aid offices and officers. Properly study the loan processes offer a specific lender, which is normally supported by the federal government. However, many colleges are now partnering with large financial companies for service. Typically the financial officer serves as the formal representative of a group and he will be responsible in arranging your student loan. Try to screen the various loans and determine what is best for you.
  • The Federal Government normally supports student loans but these received a big boost especially during the time of President Bill Clinton. Private companies eventually saw the potentials in entering the student loan market. If you want to avail of a student loan from a government backed entity study in a state college or university. Entering a private college lowers you chance in availing of a federal loan.
  • Your financial aid counselor is your ally in availing of a student loan. They will be the ones chiefly responsible in arranging your papers that are critical for loan approvals. If the documents are not put into order there is a big chance your student loan application will be turned down.
  • Graduate students that apply for student loans have a lower chance compared to those taking undergraduate courses. This is because that graduate students are normally professionals who likely have to means to self-finance their education. It is best to find scholarships as an alternative way to pay for graduate studies.

Students will be best served in availing student loans from companies offering these types of services: PLUS Loans, Private Students Loans, Student Loan Consolidation, Private Consolidation Loans, Federal Stafford Loans.

It is also best to lock yourself in a student loan rate to shield yourself from market volatility. Failing to do so will put you at risk of seeing your student loan rate move upwards especially if Treasury bills move in an unfavorable direction. Take note that when interest rates rise, consider restructuring your loan to avoid escalating costs.

Choose a start date and fixed student loan rate in order to perform a head to head comparison. You have to be sure that you have properly screened the terms offered by different companies before finalizing your decision. Once you sign on the dotted line, there is no turning back anymore.

All in all avail of a student loan only if you need it. This money should be used for your education and nothing else. A small student loan can easily turn into a huge financial burden if interest accumulates due to mismanagement of funds or selecting the wrong type of loan. Be smart and choose the right student loan for you as it might determine your future.

Home Schooling – Heaven Or Havoc

Home schooling can be viewed in one of two ways, sometimes both at the same time, heaven or havoc! While we are firm believers in home schooling, we understand of course, how these two conflicting feelings can come about during a stressful situation.

The key here, is to prepare in such a way, so as to avoid the, havoc part of this equation. You will only experience havoc, when you are not prepared for the upheavals that can take place in the life of the home school setting.

Though there is no perfect world here on earth, we can make it as near perfect as possible, then deal with whatever comes up after that. Learning how to avoid havoc, by preparing ahead, will prove to be a valuable addition to any organizational planning or skills.

Research is one good way to avoid some of the pitfalls of home schooling. Seeking the advice of others who have already experienced the home school processes, can be a good source of information. Reading materials related to home schooling can provide you with additional information and ideas you may institute in your plans for your own home school processes.

Planning your home school before your children reach school age, will help you to be prepared at the appropriate time, just as planning the nursery helps to alleviate last minute details, by being ready beforehand.

Whenever you become aware of the need to home school, however, is the time to begin preparing. If you have already had your kiddos enrolled in a public school, it is never too late to start.

Believing that once a child has attended public school, the home school idea is no longer an option, is like believing you have already gained too much weight to begin exercising and watching your diet and attempting to lose those extra pounds.

So long as you have children of school age, it is never too late to home school to protect the foundational beliefs you want to see instilled in their lives.

The blessings you receive from home schooling your children, far outweigh the negatives attached to this form of education.

The Changing Wedding Entertainment Market – Now You Too Can Have Celebrity Acts For Your Big Day!

In the past the wedding entertainment available for a bride and groom to choose from would be limited to those recommended by family and friends, those available from the venue or those discovered in a local telephone directory. The couples who had access to bigger acts or famous bands either happened to find them through a ‘friend of a friend’ or had the money to pay for them. Things in the wedding entertainment industry are changing, thankfully.

Thanks to wedding entertainment websites, premium acts and bands are signing up to online booking agents, giving any bride and groom access to a huge array of entertainment acts, but particularly those previously unavailable to them, and more importantly at average prices for a wedding entertainment act or band. It works well for all concerned. The act themselves are happy because they are reaching a wider audience and the couple are happy because they are able to wow their guests with an exclusive act.

To take a look at a few such premium acts available to book through one popular wedding entertainment website it is now possible to book a live karaoke band, in which guests have the chance to front their own live band and perform to the rest of the wedding party. This unique band has appeared on Chris Moyles’ Radio 1 show and provided the entertainment for the afterparty at The Brits 2010, Kerrang awards 2008 and Stuff/What Hi-Fi awards 2008/2009.

Another very original act involves professional singers being disguised as waiters, chefs, firemen or even the couple’s own guests in bizarre scenarios where the characters burst into song and give an amazing ‘impromptu’ performance. They recently appeared on Living TV’s ‘Four Weddings’ programme, and the wedding they performed at was voted the best by all the other brides.

Many of the acts have either worked with celebrity artists or performed for them. One pianist and DJ on the site has arranged music for Jane McDonald, Katherine Jenkins and Carley Stenson. Also available is a keyboard player who has toured with Westlife, Blue, Will Young and Mica Paris. Two other exclusive acts have played at parties hosted by celebrities, such as Roman Abramovitch and Geri Halliwell, whilst a third has members who have had top chart hits in the eighties and have recently played for the Jordanian royal family and various international sports stars.

All these bands and more are now affordable to ‘everyday folk’ and available to book for any wedding. In this age of celebrity, imagine what a great time the wedding guests will have being entertained by such an exclusive act and the bride and groom can feel safe in the knowledge that they are guaranteed a professional performance. The online service will take the stress out of booking entertainment for the wedding and the chosen act will make it a treasured memory for years to come. It is now more a case of what you know rather than who you know when booking wedding entertainment. The ‘what’ is a good online wedding entertainment service like I Do Music that acts as a one-stop shop for premium, reliable wedding entertainment that will really make the big day extra special.